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Android and iPhones and Web, oh my

It's regularly asked why J2ObjC purposely avoids translating UI code; after all, wouldn't it be wonderful if a tool existed where a developer can drop in Android source and out pops an iOS app? Our usual response is that world-class apps need user interfaces that are tightly integrated with each platform, and that common-denominator attempts to span platforms provide degrades user experiences. As I found when working on Swing many years ago, customers notice the smallest deviations from a platform's UI standards and generally find them off-putting. But non-compromising UIs are just one of the reasons we focus on translating shared logic.

The pressure for platform-independent apps is due to the cost and effort to create separate versions for each platform. This is especially true for the non-UI parts of the app, where the logic is identical but must be rewritten in different languages for Android, iOS, and browsers. Software development is expensive, and this sort of redund…